I don’t really wear that much black, whilst it’s a key part to most women’s wardrobes, I find that the colour washes my skin out a little. But saying that I really do envy the women who put on a simple black dress, or perfectly tailored black coat and instantly look ‘put together’, It’s the sort of understated coolness I yearn for.

Typically during high summer, or the middle of winter when I’ve played enough with the current trends, I start to feel that need for a real clean pallet. I know a-lot of people wouldn’t put black and high summer together, but there is something so bold and confident about a woman in an LBD at this time of year. And for me to step to feature the iconically chic tone in my selective collection, I have to absolutely love the particular piece. Well this Summer to my surprise, I fell for 3. All very different to each other, but completely ticking a box for a particular occasion. An apron style dress with strappy back via Christopher Esber, which I cant wait to wear on holiday one night. That prairie style tiered dress by Loretta Caponi, which will be perfect for two birthday lunches I have coming up this weekend, (thinking gold earrings and a basket bag, flats of course). And lastly a full sleeved, a-line poplin beauty from one of my favourite brands, Doen. They do laid back dressing so well, and I live in their day dresses every Summer.

These magical 3 are total investments, and I understands that with them comes that slightly higher price point. So I’ve created below an additional edit of 12 incredible LBD’s, all within that highstreet to highend highstreet bracket, whilst still keeping the same effortless vibe.